Areas of activity


From farm to consumer, Bunge manages production, distribution flows, quality, risk and provides transparency across fully integrated end-to-end value chains. In Poland, we also follow this unique business model encompassing all links of oilseed processing – from obtaining raw materials, through their processing, to production and distribution of products to the final customer.

We supply high-quality commodity products such as rapeseeds meal, grains and soybean meal and transport and distribute them to end-customers and livestock producers.

Our company processes soft-seeds and transforms them into plant-based oils and fats, for professional use for the food industry producers, bottled oils and margarines for end consumers, as well as products for the biofuel and feed industry. The company manufactures and commercializes some of the best known brands in the country, such as Kujawski oil or Smakowita margarine.

We build our market position based on natural and sustainable plant raw materials, reliability and safety of production processes to provide the highest quality products. We continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing market needs and we are more connected and better aligned to how we do business locally. We are adapting to market dynamics and needs by organizing around customers and the value chains that serve them.