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Procurement Department of Bunge Group in Poland

Our Vision

Procurement is committed to maximizing value and optimizing operational excellence through best practices and global integration when purchasing non-commodity goods and services.

Our Mission

Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with internal stakeholders and external suppliers to create value, improve total cost, standardize processes and apply appropriate technologies to drive efficiencies throughout the source-to-pay process while complying with applicable laws, regulations and Bunge’s Code of Ethics.

Our Principles

Product Quality & Safety – Work to ensure only quality goods and services from approved suppliers become part of our processes and finished goods.

Continuous Improvement – Continually challenge the organization and suppliers to use best practices and drive technology to minimize cost, create value and streamline the source-to-pay process.

Category Spend Management – Develop global expertise and processes to manage Bunge’s non-commodity spend. We will maintain a thorough understanding of Bunge’s total spend and internal requirements by category, in addition to a broad view of external market dynamics.

Talent Management – Employ talented people and invest in ongoing development to sustain a highly skilled, motivated, and committed team focused on a culture of excellence.

Stakeholder Engagement – Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure a clear understanding of expectations, timely involvement by Procurement in new sourcing requirements, and consistent supply of specified goods and services at the right time and cost. Additionally, we will solicit feedback to assess stakeholder satisfaction with Procurement.

Citizenship – Work with Bunge stakeholders and key suppliers to continually evaluate products and services as a means to improve the sustainability of the entire food production chain.

Competitive Execution – Ensure the appropriate sourcing and transactional processes are followed to optimize the value of all goods and services. Necessary analysis or total cost of ownership guidelines will be the primary criteria used when significant sourcing and purchasing decisions are made.