Rapeseed suppliers


For Bunge Polska, the quality of purchased and processed rapeseed is a top priority.

We continuously check and monitor the quality of supplies. We require producers to use certified seed of those cultivars which have the best parameters ensuring high yield and top quality necessary to meet the expectations of our consumers. The expected quality of supplies also depends on the right use of plant protection products and fertilizers, as well as proper conditions of storage.

To promote the highest standards of production and improved yield and quality of rapeseed, Bunge Polska offers training of producers in the technologies of growing, harvesting, drying, and storing rapeseed. The objective is to support compliance with the Code of Good Practice of Rapeseed Production. We encourage producers to use those cultivars which are optimal for our climate and ensure the highest quality of oil from seeds. Bunge Polska works together with science and research institutions in Poland and beyond to apply state-of-the-art technologies of growing and processing rapeseed.

We are active member of The Polish Association of Oil Producers