Action on climate in Poland


We implement innovative solutions to minimize our environmental footprint and support projects and activities that strengthen our approach to fighting climate change.

As a Bunge we implement innovative solutions to minimize our environmental footprint. Since 2008, Bunge has set targets to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprint and minimize our environmental impact. Our production facilities in Poland have implemented and are certified for an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001. One of the key principles of this system is to strive for continuous self-improvement by setting and achieving goals that reduce the environmental impact of the operated plants.

Responsible supply chains in Poland

We promote sustainable agriculture and implement robust projects that protect and improve the environment, while supporting the social and economic well-being of growers and local communities.

We care about the responsible way of cultivating the agricultural raw materials that we use and we believe in the importance of protecting biodiversity on agricultural land. In Poland, we conduct educational programs aimed at farmers and urban communities, which aim to expand knowledge about how to protect biodiversity in various ways.

 Program “With Kujawski we help bees”

Many years ago, we saw the need to act for the protection of Apidae in Poland. That is why in 2011, we started a social campaign, “With Kujawski we help bees”, and were the first to draw public attention to this important environmental problem on such a large scale.

The program inspires local communities to take long-term action to improve bee habitats in Poland by creating bee-friendly places. We also want to strengthen public awareness of the relationship between bees and biodiversity by implementing the program. As a brand, Kujawski oil draws on nature, and care for the environment is an integral part of our business.

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Program “Land is a Balance”

Biodiversity is of significant importance for maintaining the proper functioning of all ecosystems on Earth and thus also for human life. Promoting agricultural development while maintaining biodiversity is extremely important for Bunge. Bunge, as a socially responsible company, runs the “Land is a balance” program aimed directly at farmers. Its purpose is to support all initiatives aimed at preserving biodiversity in rural areas through educational initiatives and more.

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 Accountability and Social Responsibility in Poland

Our commitment to be an accountable partner includes a belief in social responsibility and community development projects. That’s why Bunge participates in and sponsors activities that support communities where we operate around the world.

We play an important role and care for the wellbeing of the communities where we operate. We support causes where our experience, products and assets can positively affect change through our operations and our place as a leader in our industry.