Top-quality raw material


The whole production process at Bunge plants in Poland, from the acquisition of seeds to the final product, is carried out in such a way as to meet very rigorous quality and safety requirements.

Bunge has a systematic approach to product safety and quality, which results in the awarded certificates. The quality assurance area consists of, among others: carefully developed product technologies, appropriate selection of suppliers and subcontractors, close supervision of the production and distribution process. Quality management systems implemented and certified by Bunge allow us to follow the rule of safe and stable production quality, from obtaining raw materials, through their processing to the production of popular product brands.

Bunge attaches significant importance to the quality control of raw materials used in the production process. Based on the applicable regulations, specific requirements regarding the characteristics of the purchased rapeseed are included in the commercial contracts concluded with our suppliers. In addition, we use an internal control system that monitors the composition and purity of the supplied raw material, e.g., for the possible presence of pesticide residues. This allows us to identify and manage seed supplies that do not meet our quality requirements at an early stage.

It is Bunge’s policy to provide consumers with GMO-free products. Therefore, we exclude purchasing and processing raw materials containing genetically modified organisms. In order to implement the above policy responsibly, we require our contractors to supply GMO-free raw materials, and we monitor the quality of the purchased rapeseed.