Optima Cardio

Optima Cardio contains natural plant sterols that effectively reduce cholesterol levels after just three weeks of daily use. It has excellent flavour and is also...

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Optima Neuro

Contains DHA acid, which supports the proper functioning of the brain and eyesight. With added marine algae oil – the primaeval and impeccable source of...

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Optima Cardio POTASSIUM+

Optima, the most innovative brand in the pro-health margarine category, introduces another novelty to the market – Optima Cardio POTASSIUM+. This is the first product...

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Optima Omega 3

Optima Omega 3 is a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids that help maintain proper cholesterol levels and thus promote cardiovascular health. It has...

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ARCY Optima

ARCY Optima is a combination of an oat drink and three vegetable oils without the addition of palm oil. Try ARCYdelicate flavor and a rich,...

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